We are extremely proud to announce that The new Torello Lounge which is due to open November 14th 2018 will be a Dementia Friendly business from the onset.

When we get messages like this it really does make our day !

“I’m very keen for us to partner with a local cause that makes a difference in the community and yours has caught my eye immediately!”

“We are also keen for our team to speak to a Dementia Friends champion to ensure that Torello Lounge is up to speed and a home from home for all members of the community including people living with Dementia.”

So within a couple of days we met with Danny from the lounges group and the manager of the new cafe bar Meagan. It was fantastic that they were so keen to be Dementia Friendly from day One.

Torello cafe bar prestatyn dementia friendly
We love the design of the lounges

A lot of the things that are important to us as a dementia friendly organisation are also important to The lounges group. Therefore comments like every customer leaves happy” fit within our ethos.

“Our Lounge will be a home from home, offering delicious food and drinks, all day, on your doorstep.

We exist to bring people together and our unique atmosphere changes hour by hour with each new wave of customers.

Also we are proud of our Lounge and its community and our aim is simple: every customer leaves happy.”

We believe it is going to be an exciting time for both of our organisations, and are really looking forward to working with the team at Torello lounge.

Some other really good news is that we have just had some other local businesses contacting us wanting to become Dementia Friendly.

A busy time ahead for our dementia champions.

To find out more about Dementia Friendly communities.

You can go to the Dementia friendly communities pages on the 
Alzheimer’s Society website here

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